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June 5th, World Environmental Day: The 3R of Ecology

June 5th, World Environmental Day: The 3R of Ecology June 5th, World Environmental Day: The 3 “Rs” of Ecology (3R).

Do yo know the word Recycle and materials that can be recylced?
According to the dictionary RECYCLE involves to subject a material used in a process so it can be then used. Among the materials which can be subjected to this process are:
- Papers: Newspapers, Magazines, Paper sheet (used, printed or not), plain envelops or brown paper, invoices, forms, boxes, folders, brochures, telephone books, among others.
- Glasses: Food or drink containers.
- Textiles: Cotton or Linen.
- Metals: Cans, Aluminum, Ferrous Metals.
- Plástic: Food or drink container, glasses and cutlery, chairs, tables among others.

Do you know what are the Goals?
Some of the goals are frammed in the following:
- Conservation or saving energy and natural resources.
- Reduce volume of waste removed.
- Helps to protect and preserve the environment.
- Reduce pollution and increase the safety.

How do you can Recycle?. Next, a few of many things that you can do:
- Take the paper to write, print on both sides of the sheet, recycle or buy recicled paper. *A clerk wastes 75 Kg. of paper per year. The drafts sheets can be used as drafts*.
- Use cloth napkins. Even if it is not considered as a reuse, you are colaborating with the right use of paper. Hundred of millions of kg. of paper can be saved day by day in the entire world.
- Use alternative packaging. Reuse wrapping paper, be creative.
- Dry clothes in the sun. In addition to saving resources and money, protects your clothes (does not fade or wrinkle).

Likewise, you can take action to prevent the deterioration of the environment:
- Wash with cold water and only with the washer or washing machine full. So you decrease water consumption and energy per cycle.
- Turn off the lights. The lamps contribute to heat the room so you would need more electronics to beat the heat.
- Plant a tree. Purifies the air, produce shade, fruit, flowers.

3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Proposal on consumer habits popularized by theenvironmental group Greenpeace.
If we reduce the problem, we reduce the impact on the environment.
If we reuse the product, we give a second life.
If we recycle we conserve, we save, we reduced.