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On June 15th, 2012, was published in the Official Gazette No. 39.945, the Decree Number 9.047 with Value and Force of Law of the Great Mission Knowledge and Work. The main purpose of the Law, as provided in its Article 1, is to grant Venezuelan citizens the right to have an education and work through a productive employment.

The Great mission Knowledge and Work, was created to reduce unemployment through the uptake, training and placement of people in different State projects such as education, housing, medical care, Orinoco Oil Belt, public works, rural and urban agriculture, among others. The Decree contains a total of 28 Articles, providing the mechanisms by which the State shall develop different plans for Education and Employment, focusing on the following groups of people:
• Citizens who are under the absolute condition of unemployment.
• Citizens who are willing to participate in a training work organized by the Great Mission Knowledge and Work.
• Citizens who are willing to participate in productive projects.
• Productive partner organizations to promote a model of productive grafts for a transition to socialism.

In addition, the Law creates The System of Registration of Needs and Employment Offers, which will help diagnose and identify the number and characteristics of unemployed citizens, in order to know what sector of people can be inserted into a training process and insertion programs according to the Great Mission Knowledge and Work. This record shall generate a dynamic data base of jobs opportunities and potential sources of employment.

Moreover, it is created a System of Training for the production, which will be directed to promote technical education for the unemployed, oriented in terms of labor supply in strategic areas. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects that shows this Decree Law, is the creation of areas called “ATRABAJAR”, which are places in which workers can be integrated or reintegrated into the productive system, indicating that the land with industrial potential, or any other piece of productive nature, which are idle, have been abandoned or underused as defined under the legal framework will be taken by the State, in order to develop economic and productive plans of the Great Mission Knowing and Labour.

Finally, the Decree provides that will be created a regulation that will help the implementation of plans and strategies set forth therein.