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Benefit for the Contribution ONA

Benefit for the Contribution ONA The Organic Law of Drugs (LOD) provides in the Article 33 how is distribute the contributions to which the companies are forced to pay: “The contribution for plans, programs and projects of integral prevention and of the prevention of the illicit traffic of drugs will be distributed in forty per cent (40 %) destined to Projects of Prevention in the Labor Area of the contributor in favor of his workers…“

This way, companies may submit before the Antidrug National Fund (FONA) their projects to recover 40% of their contribution and also, to fulfill with the Resolution N º 6227 of the Labour Ministry dated December 1st, 2008, which contains the Technical Standard Program for Safety and Health at Work (NT-01-2008), which states: "The employer through the Occupational Safety and Health at Work, will design, plan, organize and implement a program of education and preventive information, safety and health at work with their respective chronogram of execution that establishes as minimum 16 hours quarterly of education and information for each worker involved in the production process or service, regardless of their status”.

The FONA by allowing the financing of the Projects of Integral Prevention in Labor Environment by means of the retribution of 40% of the contributed amount, benefits the companies with the obligation in the LOD, establishing a corporate social responsibility through preventive action on drugs.