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March 23rd, World Meteorology Day

March 23rd, World Meteorology Day Measurements in daily life" is the theme adopted this 2013 by the World Meteorology Organization (WMO) commemorating the World Meteorology Day, having as subtitle “50th anniversary of World Weather Watch”.

The World Meteorology Organization (WMO), was born trough the World Meteorological Congress, adopted on the twelfth Conference of International World Meteorology Organization (IWMO), reunited in Washington on 1947, in force on 1950, starting the activities as successor of IWMO on 1951, as special organism of the United Nations by agreement between the United Nations and WMO.

One of the foundations of the WMO is the reduction of the victims and damages caused by weather and hydrology. At the same time, to recognize the contribution of World Weather Watch (WWW) to reach this objective.

From the meteorological prediction to the investigation of air contamination, weather changes, studies referred to the ozone depletion and prediction of tropical storms, the WMO coordinates the world scientific activities for meteorological information that comes quickly to the public, private and commercial users, international air and maritime navigation. The WMO activities contribute to the security of life and goods, social and economical development of nations, and environmental protection.

Did you know that?

The WWW gives news flash meteorological information around the world trough the observation systems and communication by: 4 orbiting satellites, 5 geostationary satellites, round 10.000 earth observation stations, 7.000 vessel stations and 300 anchored and adrift buoys and equipped with meteorological automatic stations.