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Labor Law Regulation regarding the subject of the working day published in the Official Gazette

Dear clients and friends, today the Regulation of the Labor Law regarding the subject of the working day was published, the main aspects of such Regulation are the following:

Work schedule, it has to be placed in a visible space in the workplace.

The day shift is reduced from 44 hours to 40 hours a week. The worker has the right to rest two consecutive days a week, included Sunday, so the rest days can be established on a Saturday and Sunday or Sunday and Monday.

When an employee works in one or two days that corresponds to their weekly rest, they have the right to enjoy, in the course of the next week, one or two consecutive days of paid compensatory rest, and may not be replaced by any other benefit.

Companies with continuous work may exceed the daily limits of the work schedule, as long as that in a period of eight weeks, the workers do not exceed the average limit of 42 hours per week, when the employee works six days a week, he/she must be given an additional day of paid vacation.

The Night Shift, between 7:00 pm and 5:00 am shall not exceed 7 hours per day or 35 hours a week.