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Increase of 20% of the Minimum Wage Officialized Nationwide

Starting this past May 1, 2013, workers will begin to receive the increase of the minimum wage which will set the monthly salary to Bs. 2.457,02, in other words, Bs. 81,91 cents per day.
The President, through Executive Order No. 30 set a new monthly minimum wage across the country for workers who provide services in the public and private sector. The decision is enforced in the Official Gazette No. 41,157 dated Tuesday April 30, 2013.
In the same way, the Executive Order set the minimum amount of pensions for retirees, as well as pensioners of the public administration.

Subsequently, on September 1, 2013, is expected and entry into effect of the second increase of an additional 10%, which means a new increase of the minimum monthly wage to Bs. 2.702,73.