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Vegetable Noah’s Ark

Vegetable Noah’s Ark On February 26th, 2008, it was inaugurated with 100 million of seeds from all over the world a project similar to what Noah's did in the Arctic: A vegetable “Noah's Ark”, which will store seeds from the all over the world, in which after analyzing the seeds,they will be registered into a database that will be accessible to the scientific community, classifying and specifying the seeds by its origin,specie and age, putting it in packs with three layers of aluminum which will be hermetically closed to grant the best preservation possible in the very best conditions to their storage in one of the three chambers of the vault.

The main objective of the Ark, is to ensure the conservation of plants and seeds in case o having an ecological disaster, as well as to have the capacity to multiply trees and to protect biodiversity. The Vault willstore more than 2.000 million of seeds from all over the world.

The “Svalbard International Seed Vault”, is the original name of the proyect, and has been built in Longyearbyen, an island of Spitsbergen which belongs to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, located 1,000 Kms away from the North Pole, which reaches a natural temperature of –20°C, offering advantage for the conservation of the seeds without any deterioration if there is an electrical failure. At the same time,the cyclic form of the vaul tinterior makes it resistant and safe in case of having an earthquake which could risk the storage structure.

Did you know that after this initiative there now is more than one vegetable Noah's Ark?
Countries like Mexico, Ecuador and Peru are building their own “Bank of Seeds”, with species mostly from Colombia and USA.