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Decree with Strength of Law of Coastal Areas

In the year 2001, the Decree with Strength of Law of Coastal Areas (Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Number 37.349, December 19th of 2001) through which the Technical Direction of Coastal Areas (TDCA) was created, dependent on the Ministry of the Environment, with the competency to define, in accordance with policies and strategies of the entity, the orders to organize and administer coastal areas, project itself as the coordinator and execute activities related to the planning and administration of coastal areas in order to comply with the Decree Law of Coastal Areas.

This is how, on September 2nd of 2013, a public consultation of the project was begun, which ended on Friday November 1st of 2013. The consult was done on the base model of the Decree/Plan, which established the Plan of Organization and Integrated Management of Coastal Areas of Venezuela has the objective to establish the reference and space and time reference that guarantees the conservation, use, and sustainable use of resources in coastal areas, enabling an elevation of the quality of life of its population.

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