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Inter-American Quality Air Day

Inter-American Quality Air Day Every second Friday of August is celebrated the Inter-American Air Quality Day. To find the origin of this celebration, we must to go back to October 28 of 2002, when was celebrated the XXVIII Inter-American Congress of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, in Cancun, Mexico. This year it will be celebrated tomorrow, August 12th, 2011.

This celebration seeks to make people aware about the relevance of the preservation of the balance in the ozone layer, educating the population about the non utilization of contaminant products.
The atmospheric pollution is one of the biggest problems in the principal cities and in the industrial countries. In the areas with higher atmospheric pollution, deaths caused by diseases like lung cancer, nasopharyngeal tract cancer, or intense respiratory infections are more common.

The health of the population is not the only affected, the planet health is also damaged by the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Did you know that about 440.000 premature deaths per year in Latin America and the Caribbean are attributable to air pollution?